Probably Archery


Using a bow isn't exactly easy


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Probably Archery is a first-person archery game that, instead of employing a shooting system typical of its genre, opts for a style that is much more similar to titles like QWOP and Surgeon Simulator.

The hardest part about playing Probably Archery is figuring out its complicated control system, although luckily you have the option to leave a cheat-sheet of instructions stuck to one corner of your screen. And that's a relief, seeing as how you'll need to master up to six different key combinations to be able to fully manipulate your arms and fit your arrow into place.

Like Surgeon Simulator, Probably Archery is a very difficult-to-control game, and so skillful control will be your main objective. Watching how your avatar erratically moves its arms can be pretty funny... especially if you just end up sending your arrow straight into the ground.

Probaby Archery is a fun game that, despite being made in just one week, includes some outstanding graphics, original controls, and playing modes for one or two players.